​Ayra Starr in the album cover for 19 & Dangerous Deluxe.

Ayra Starr in the album cover for 19 & Dangerous Deluxe.

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The Best Ayra Starr Songs

We round up Ayra Starr’s best songs and collaborations—from “Rush” to “Sability,” “Bloody Samaritan,” “2 Sugar” and much more.

Ayra Starr may have debuted in 2021, but the “Rush” crooner has already become one of Nigeria’s most bankable hitmakers.

At the end of 2022, Spotify announced that the Beninese-born Nigerian singer was the most streamed female artist in Nigeria—and it is easy to see how and why.

Her fun and confident brand of Afropop hits like “Rush” as well as her more moving emotional love songs like “Sare” and “Beggie Beggie,” coupled with her flirty style and larger-than-life online personality, have established her as one of the biggest stars among young Nigerians today.

Since her 2021 debut hit single “Away,” off her self-titled debut EP, Ayra Starr has dropped some of the biggest hits to come out of Nigeria, with a run that rivals some of the biggest hitmakers to come from Africa.

We look back at some of Ayra Starr’s best songs for the uninitiated to get into her discography.


Arguably her biggest hit, “Rush,” was the unavoidable song of 2022. It combined all the things that make Ayra a star: her confidence, her velvety vocals and a hook that gets stuck in your head. The song would go on to brand Ayra as ‘Sabi Girl’—a confident persona in the vein of pop stars like Rihanna that came before her.

“Beggie Beggie” ft. CKay

An often overlooked deep cut in Ayra Starr’s discography is this duet with CKay. The duo go back and forth in a mix of English, Yoruba and Pidgin English, delivering a fun song about the end of a relationship with more Instagram caption-able lines than we can fit in this article.

“Bloody Samaritan”

By the time she released this “Bloody Samaritan,” Ayra Starr had already proven herself a hitmaker, but the single signaled that she was going to top herself regularly. Considered one of the songs of 2021, “Bloody Samaritan” was so huge it got a remix with Grammy Award-winning singer Kelly Rowland for the deluxe version of Ayra’s debut album, 19 and Dangerous.


Ayra Starr - ASE | A COLORS

A deluxe addition to her 19 & Dangerous album, “Ase” didn’t get much attention initially. However, Ayra Starr’s performance of the song in the ColorsXStudios gave the song new life. A fun song that damns societal conventions and expectations all delivered in a fun and dance-able way that only Ayra Starr could do.

“2 Sugar” with Wizkid

When we talk about Ayra Starr’s hits, we can’t miss “2 Sugar.” Ayra Starr’s ability to go toe-to-toe with one of the Afrobeats’ biggest talents and hold her own so well is proof that the Afropop star is here for a long time.


“Away” was the song that introduced many to Ayra Starr. Released as the lead single off her debut EP, “Away” showed that Ayra was the real deal. Slower than the more fast-paced fun Afropop song she’d go on to release, the track is an R&B-infused composition that shows Ayra has range and she is thinking deeply about what she wants to be remembered for and the streets ate it up.

“Stamina” with Tiwa Savage & Young Jonn

A recent addition to Ayra Starr’s discography of hits, “Stamina” alongside Tiwa Savage and Young Jonn is already a massive hit on the radio and in the clubs. One listen to it will have you seeing why.


One of the things that made Ayra’s eponymous EP an instant hit was how she showcased her versatility as an artist. With “Sare,” Ayra Starr showed her vocals as well as her ability to stir emotions within a song.

“Disturbing U” with Darkoo

No one delivers a confidence-inspiring dance floor hit like Ayra Starr. “Disturbing You” proves that she has mastered the formula and can execute it with the flair of a veteran. Opening a song with ‘Even if na wheelbarrow carry me come, I go still raise my shoulder’ is a move only Ayra Starr can successfully pull.


Considered a direct follow-up to her hit “Rush,” “Sability” is a fun song alongside an equally-fun music video that fully establishes and gives lore to Ayra’s moniker ‘Sabi Girl.’

“Love Don’t Cost A Dime” with Magixx

One of the best things about Ayra Starr’s discography is how she has made great use of collaborations to expand her sound. With her remix of her label-mate Magixx's track “Love Don’t Cost A Dime,” Ayra shows how she can create chemistry with anyone.


Much in the vein of “Ase,” “Cast” is a fun song that encourages people to live their life to the fullest because ‘If you cast, you cast’—all delivered with Ayrra Starr’s trademark confidence.