Nigerian singer Burna Boy release a new single and video for 'Last Last' off of his upcoming album Love, Damini
Photo courtesy of BukiHQ Media

Burna Boy Makes His Directorial Debut With New Video for Single 'Last Last'

The African Giant continues to push the envelope, as he teases his sixth studio album, Love, Damini.

Nigerian singer-songwriter Burna Boyhas done it again, folks.

The African Giant made his directorial debut this week with the release of his new single, 'Last Last', off of his highly anticipated sixth studio album, Love Damini. The single, a sample of American R&B singer Toni Braxton's hit single 'He Wasn't Man Enough For Me', is but a taste of what the Afro-fusion heavyweight has in store for fans this summer.

In an effort to share his truest, most creative self with the world, Burna's video was shot entirely at his home, with his toys and gadgets on full display. The musician sprinkled in clips from his global triumphs, travels, and good times with those closest to him. Most notably, were scenes taken from his historic performance at New York City's Madison Square Garden, last month. If the song sounds familiar, it's because the generous performer shared a sneak preview with concertgoers during his North American 'One Night in Space' show.

As Burna Boy plays around with his sound and image, the move to take full creative control is a power move of note. Popular Nigerian music video director, Boy Directorjoked with his Twitter followers, "I was having a smooth run until Burna Boy started directing 😭".

Burna Boy is having an incredible 2022 so far, and we haven't even touched summer yet. The singer continues to dominate global music charts and stages, as he recently attended and treated celebrity guests and fans to a live performance. Also in the works, is his upcoming sixth studio album, Love, Damini which comes out on his birthday, July 7th.

Watch Burna Boy's new self directed music video for single 'Last Last' here.