Diamond platnumz and chike

Diamond Platnumz and Chike in "My Baby."


The Best East African Songs Right Now

Featuring Alikiba, Zuchu, Wanavokali , Diamond Platnumz, and more.

As we embark on the second half of the year, we witness East African artists reaching unprecedented heights with their remarkable achievements. They have been captivating audiences worldwide with their chart-topping hits, forging international collaborations, and introducing innovative sounds through the emergence of talented newcomers. From Kenya to Tanzania to Uganda and beyond, here are some East African songs that we absolutely love at the moment.

Alikiba "Sumu" ft. Marioo

Tanzanian artist Alikiba released a scorching new track titled "Sumu," which translates to "poison" in Swahili. Collaborating with Marioo, Alikiba brings forth a captivating song that carries a powerful message."Sumu" seamlessly blends the popular Amapiano style with the distinctive bongo flava sound, resulting in an enchanting melody that is sure to captivate listeners.

Wanavokali "Hawataweza"

Kenyan band Wanavokali's newest single, "Hawataweza," emerges as a powerful Kenyan R&B ballad. The song beautifully portrays a passionate exchange between two lovers, reaffirming their commitment to each other amidst challenges and external opposition. As they face fear and doubt, they stand resolute, determined to protect their love and ensure a lasting happily ever after.

Zuchu "Honey"

Zuchu, the talented Tanzanian music singer and songwriter, has stirred audiences with her latest song "Honey." Released via Wasafi Records, the track is already going viral and gaining popularity. Zuchu continues to garner praise for her previous releases, captivating her devoted fan base with classic melodies while showcasing her unique voice and style.

Diamond Platnumz "My Baby" ft. Chike

Diamond Platnumz, the world-class bongo flava musician and WCB Wasafi star, has released an exquisite new version of his hit song "My Baby." Collaborating with the fantastic Nigerian singer and songwriter, Chike, this sweet-sounding rendition is a must-have for every lover.

Yozowo “4am” ft. Watendawili

4am in Nairobi is an electrifying afrobeat EP by buzzing band YoZoWo that takes you on a captivating journey through the vibrant life cycle of Nairobi's youth. Prepare to be transported to the heart of the city's bustling nightlife as pulsating rhythms and infectious melodies showcase the joy, fights and reconciliations experienced by this spirited generation. From dance floor anthems to introspective ballads, each meticulously crafted track immerses you in the raw, authentic emotions that define Nairobi's youth.

Itare “Far Away” ft. Shully

Itaré, a rising Tanzanian artist, skillfully blends afrobeats and bongo flava sounds in his track "Far Away." The song boasts an intriguing beat, catchy melody, and an irresistible hook, making it the ultimate soundtrack for any party or club. Its perfect balance of classic and contemporary elements, along with a modern twist, appeals to fans of all genres.