This Kenyan Comedian Is Laughing Her Way To Top Brand Collaborations

Kenyan Comedian Elsa Majimbo is laughing her way across the world

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This Kenyan Comedian Is Laughing Her Way To Top Brand Collaborations

19 year old University student Elsa Majimbo used her humour to cope with quarantine and lockdown, and now some of the biggest names in the world are laughing along with her.

Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo started off making satirical videos and posting them to social media sites Instagram and Twitter at the beginning of 2020, as a way to ease the stress and anxiety that comes along with living in the times of a global pandemic. Once the camera is on, the Strathmore University student munches away on snacks and cackles her troubles away in her shaded and unbothered alter ego.

The social media star gained wide attraction and popularity on Instagram and Twitter, with fans paying close attention from all over the world.

Filming from Nairobi, Kenya, the young comedian has been featured in CNN, The Guardian and many local papers. As well as other partnerships with MAC cosmetics and an appearance on Comedy Central.

Most recently, Majimbo landed herself in a Fenty Campaign, a fashion and accessory clothing label by singer, makeup guru and fashion designer Rihanna.

Elsa's first viral video discussed the newly implemented quarantine and lockdown rules. In the video, now viewed over 200 000 times, Majimbo goes on about how she doesn't actually miss anyone since being forced to stay in doors. "Why am I missing you? There is no reason for me to miss you... do I pay your rent? Do I provide food for you? Why are you missing me?", she says in between her laughter and snacking on potato chips.

The young star is sure to continue growing as the world is only starting to wake up to her. She certainly has made her mark and online users are eating it all up.