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You Need to Listen to Moonchild Sanelly's New EP, 'Nüdes'

The buzzing South African singer breaks down her provocative & empowering new 4-song EP.

South Africa's Moonchild Sanelly returns with the Nüdes EP.

The highly-buzzing SA artist's latest project sees her expanding on her own brand of 'electro-pop-ghetto-funk' as she runs through four standout tracks that revolve around her outspoken stance on female sexual empowerment and more.

Nüdes features two previously heard hits from Moonchild Sanelly—the anti-fuck boy synth anthem "F-Boyz" and gqom-laced banger "Weh Mameh." It also includes two previously unreleased tracks in "Come Correct" and "Boys & Girls."

This year saw Moonchild Sanelly break charts and dance floors in South Africa and across the globe with her own sounds, as well as her big collaborations with Damon Albarn for Africa Express and Beyoncé's Lion King: The Gift album.

We talked to Moonchild below about the new EP, during which she broke down all of the songs and even told us how she ended up on the Beyoncé album.

Read our conversation below.

Why did you choose the EP title Nüdes?

Nüdes is a very empowering EP, and the reason I chose the title is because I'm known for being provocative, being open about sexuality, and liberating women about their vaginas and their sex life and all that jazz. It just made sense to me, cause I'm generally half naked, and I'm proud, and I'm pro women's empowerment. That's just a fitting title, it's like oh cool 'what thong is she wearing now' or whatever.

What inspired the track "F-Boyz"?

"F-boyz" was inspired by a situation I had with an ex. [I wrote it] to warn everyone about the types of guys... the real life fuck boyz—the ones that come sweet, who come with cars they don't own and take you to homes they don't own, cause they're just estate agents, the lying ones that are trash. It was inspired by exes, different boys you meet, different stories put together about different f-boyz.

Moonchild Sanelly. Image courtesy of the artist.

What About "Weh Mameh"?

"Weh Mameh" is beautiful because its me bossing myself up to a boy "Look I'm the bomb, I rock, I hope you're gonna lick my plate clean. I hope you're going to fuck me 'till kingdom come, I hope you're gonna come through with the goodies, because like 'Oh My God,'" which is exactly what weh mameh means. I'm hot, I'm popping—all you need to do is your job and get the fuck out.

Where did you record these songs? Walk us through the process of making this EP.

I recorded these songs in South Africa. I was just working on different projects, and most [of these] songs weren't recorded at the same time.The songs were originally from different projects, some were recorded at Red Bull Studios, some elsewhere. I worked with Patty Monroe and I felt that this collection of songs worked well for the EP's theme of sexual liberation.

People haven't heard "Come Correct" and "Boys & Girls" yet. What can you tell them about those unreleased tracks in this EP?

"Come Correct" is a nice chilled track. Its about going on a date and the guy doesn't have money and is sloppy. He comes late and... doesn't have the money to afford the things I want on the date. "Next time you need to come correct or don't come at all"—you might as well drink water while I eat lobster. You took me on a date and you didn't come correct so don't come at all next time because I won't spare you.

Moonchild Sanelly. Image courtesy of the artist.

"Boys and Girls" is awesome because it's about sexual fluidity. "I love boys, I nibble girls now and then," which will change throughout the song to I love girls, I nibble on boys now and then. Which is currently where I'm at in my situation, now. Being able to choose who you want to be with and what you want to be, who you are, what you are, and knowing that love is love, and you're allowed to just get it popping.

You were featured in the Beyoncé's Lion King: The Gift album this year. How did that come about?

That was a crazy one. We were in South Africa for Global Citizen, when Beyoncé & Jay-Z were also playing in Jozi. I was playing a club launch that I was invited to by my friend Kweku (Mandela). After my performance I met Bey's team and Kwesi (one of the team) was looking for people in SA who were really killing it… Then, I was working with Diplo in LA when Beyoncé's team called, and I just started sending music. I didn't know what it was for but I knew it was for the Queen. Hearing the music out there and seeing myself in the Making the Gift doc was just unreal.

Nüdes is available now.


Africa Express' New Album 'EGOLI' Is a Journey Into the Sounds of South Africa

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Africa Express is back with the entrancing new album, EGOLI.

Throughout its 18 tracks the music collective, which was co-founded by Damon Albarn, concentrates on the sounds of South Africa. The entirety of the new record was recorded in just a week of collaborations in Johannesburg.

EGOLI includes buzzing South African names like Moonchild Sanelly, Sho Madjozi, BCUC, BLK JKS, FAKA, Mahotella Queens, Muzi, Morena Leraba, Nonku Phiri, Radio 123, and Sibot. It also features a posthumous track with DJ Spoko.

Other notable acts heard across the record are Damon Albarn, Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Gruff Rhys, Ghetts, Blue May, Mr Jukes, Georgia, Poté and many more.

Standout tracks include the album's lead single "Johannesburg"—a breezy and addictive production that blends Gruff Rhys' soothing vocals with hip-hop beat work and additional delivery from Morena Leraba, Radio 123 and Sibot.

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News Brief
Moonchild Sanelly. Image courtesy of the artist.

Catch Moonchild Sanelly & Alsarah Live at BAM This Weekend

As part of our 100 Women concerts.

South Africa's buzzing Moonchild Sanelly and East African retro pop group Alsarah & The Nubatones will be bringing their electrifying live shows to the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) this weekend in conjunction with OkayAfrica's 100 Women.

Moonchild Sanelly has been breaking charts and dance floors in South Africa and across the globe with her infectious solo singles like "Isthembu" and "Weh Mameh," as well as collaborations like "Makhe," "iWalk Ye Phara," and "Midnight Starring." She will be playing at BAM on Friday, March 22.

Alsarah & The Nubatones will be presenting a special performance: a salute to the Sudan Uprisings, showcasing live footage from the protests, curated and performed by Marine Elneel and various other members of the Sudani diaspora coming together in solidarity with what is happening on the ground in Sudan right now. They will be performing at BAM on Saturday, March 23.

The artists will be playing BAMcafé Live this weekend, on Friday and Saturday night, as part of our 100 Women concerts.

See all detail below and sign up for updates on the events here.

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