nana fofie sings into a microphone in her youtube video for selling dreams

Nicki Minaj has signed Ghana’s Nana Fofie to her record label, another move that proves that Afro-centric music is becoming global

(Nana Fofie/YouTube)

Nicki Minaj Signs Nana Fofie to Her Record Label

During her latest Queen Radio show, Minaj announced the roster of her new record label.

Nicki Minaj has signed Afro-R&B singer Nana Fofie to her record label.

During Minaj’s latest Queen Radio show, which aired on March 3, the American star announced that she had launched her own record label, teasing that the label's name would be revealed at a later date.

While the name of the record label is still unknown, Minaj shared the names of the first set of artists who would be on her roster—and they include Dutch-Ghanaian artist Nana Fofie.

Joining Fofie on the line up are Tate Kobang, Rico Danna and London Hill. During the announcement, Minaj stated hat her record label would sign other genres of artists outside of hip hop.

According to Minaj, she first discovered Fofie on YouTube, and became a fan of her effortless voice after listening to some of Fofie’s mashups to Davido’s songs on the platform.

Fofie joined Minaj on the Queen Radio segment, where the rap icon gave her her flowers, and noted that she originally thought Fofie’s mashups were her original songs.

“Because I thought they were her songs and then the Nigerians came on my comments after and said ‘That’s Davido!.’ Speaking of Nana Fofie, Nicki Minaj mentioned: “ I’ve been obsessed with you for a very long time, and I always promised you when I started … but I didn’t want to, you know, lock you into anything and if I wasn’t ready to do what I needed to do with you, what I think you deserve. You have one of the most beautiful singing voices. One of those effortless, warm voices.”

Hailing from Rotterdam, Netherlands, Fofie has carved out a niche for herself in the genre of Afro-R&B, where she has been making the rules. It will be interesting to see where the ride takes her.

Fofie has released a new single called “Selling Dreams,” a poignant song about love gone awry and the heartbreak that follows. The Dutch-Ghanaian's EP EMDR is slated to be released later in March, 2023.

Watch the music video for “Selling Dreams” below.