Shallipopi screenshot from YouTube.
Screenshot from YouTube.

Shallipopi Releases Debut Album, 'Presido La Pluto'

Shallipopi's 2023 journey, from breakout sensation with "Elon Musk" to the debut album Presido La Pluto, unveils a musical odyssey, showcasing chart-toppers, collaborations, and unparalleled artistry across the diverse spectrum of Afrobeats.

Shallipopi has emerged as a luminary figure, marking his entrance into the mainstream with the release of "Elon Musk" earlier in the year. This track not only set a precedent but ignited a sequence of hit singles, propelling Shallipopi to a prominent position on the charts. His adept delivery, engaging persona, and profound lyrics, which illuminate various facets of urban life, have positioned him as the breakout sensation of the year.

The grand finale of this triumphant year for Shallipopi is his debut album, Presido La Pluto. This album serves as a comprehensive expression of the growth and lessons Shallipopi has garnered on his ascent to prominence. It invites fans and audiences to immerse themselves in new facets of Shallipopi's artistic prowess.

Presido La Pluto seamlessly weaves a tapestry of influences into the Afrobeats sound, showcasing Shallipopi's ability to navigate different shades of the genre. With 12 tracks in the lineup, the album features notable singles like "Oscroh (Pepperline)" and "Things on Things." Collaborations with Focalistic, Odumodublvck, and ZerryDL, a recent addition to the Plutomania Records roster, add further depth to the musical journey.

Shallipopi's brilliance shines through on each track, with notable performances on "Evil Receive," where he unveils new melody pockets with his dexterous delivery. The collaboration with Focalistic on "Over the Seas" creates a transcendent record capable of resonating across both Nigerian and South African markets. "Cast," featuring Odumodublvck, is a testament to Shallipopi's ability to craft songs with enduring replay value.

"Presido La Pluto" is slated for release under the banners of Plutomania Records and Dapper Music and Entertainment. Reflecting on the album and the partnership with Shallipopi and Plutomania Records, Damilola "Dapper" Akinwunmi remarked, "Shallipopi's debut album is not just a musical journey; it's a declaration. It encapsulates his growth this year, transforming into the breakout artist in Nigeria through sheer originality, confidence, and star power."

This album serves as the crowning achievement of a monumental year for Shallipopi, whose burgeoning influence has left an indelible mark on audiences, fans, and the wider Afrobeats community.