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7 South African Podcasts to Watch Out for in 2023

Here are the best South African podcasts to get into in 2023, featuring shows from DJ Sbu, Mpoomy Ledwaba, and more.

The podcasting industry has been a slow burn in South Africa. But it has seen a spike in the last few years with more creatives, radio stations, entrepreneurs, YouTubers, and thought leaders taking to the format to reach a new audience.

Lady Skollie’s Kiss and Tell; Simmi Areff’s Lesser Known; and Creative Underground by Katlego Makhudu and Jonas Radnuz are just some of the podcast gems from the past. Since then, different different podcasters have come to platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Anchor. Key front runners have been the likes of digital entrepreneur and award-winning podcaster Mpoomy Ledwaba, with her show Wisdom & Wellness, and YouTuber Gugulethu Nyatsumba’sAfter School Is After School.

For most of 2022 and early 2023, these women have been in the top 20 of South Africa’s top shows for Apple Podcasts, making it clear that audiences resonate deeply with not only the personalities themselves but the content.

Now, we wade through the field and round up the new podcasts you should look out for in 2023.

The Hustlers Corner - DJ Sbu

Entrepreneur, musician, and South African icon DJ Sbu has fallen comfortably into the world of podcasting as the celebrity who brings together some of the country’s most inspiring and sometimes controversial people, who give insight into their triumphs and failures. He has interviewed musicians like K.O.; actress Letoya Makhene; and even Duduzane Zuma, the son of former South African president Jacob Zuma.

Wisdom & Wellness - Mpoomy Ledwaba

‎Wisdom & Wellness with Mpoomy Ledwaba: Thato Rampedi on Overcoming Challenges and taking up wellness on Apple Podcasts

Digital entrepreneur Mpoomy Ledwaba has long been one of South Africa’s favorite online creatives. Her podcast, Wisdom & Wellness, often finds a comfortable spot in the Apple Podcast top 20 show list. She has brought on influential guests like Blood & Water's Ama Qamata, HIV activist Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba, and actress Zola Nombona to name a few. Motherhood, forgiveness, entrepreneurship, and womanhood are common topics tackled on the show, which aim to inspire and promote wellness and perspective across the board.

Open Book - Bahumi Mhlongo


Actress Bahumi Mhlongo’s Open Book podcast started in late 2022. With only two episodes in, the young actress has taken to podcasting to give her thoughts on life in the form of an audio diary. Mhlongo has gained notoriety not only as the daughter of South Africa’s Somizi Mhlongo, but for her budding acting career in shows like Umbuso and BET’s biopic Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story.

Leave A Message - Khaya Dlanga

Author, marketing strategist, and notable public voice Khaya Dlanga kicked off 2023 with his brand-new Leave A Message podcast. He is most popularly known for his bestsellers, To Quote Myself and These Things Really Do Happen to Me. In Dlanga’s first episode, he sits down with stand-up comedian Vafa Naraghi to touch base on his career change.

Malome’s Mic - Thato Rampedi

‎Malome’s Mic with Thato Rampedi: Who needs therapy anyway? on Apple Podcasts

YouTuber Thato Rampedi jumped on the podcast train in January of 2022 off of the back of massive YouTube success. With over a hundred thousand subscribers on the platform, it seems almost a natural decision to transition to podcasting. Malome’s Mic sees Rampedi take on various segments that focus on the learnings of his upbringing, commentary on the lives of young black men, and navigating life. He hosts the show with his best friends, Tladi and Lucas. Their comedic twist gives the show its sweet spot.

After School Is After School - Sis G.U. (Gugulethu Nyatsumba)

‎After School Is After School With Sis G.U: The Choice Is Yours on Apple Podcasts

Gugulethu Nyatsumba started her career on YouTube with her channel, Uncomfortable Growth, which became a viewer favorite, placing her in the YouTube Black Creator Class of 2022.

In 2021, she launched the After School Is After School podcast which deals with the successes and failures of being a young black woman in her 20s. Nyatsumba reflects on topics like singlehood, dealings with identity, friendship and mental health. The podcast has seen a handsome amount of success as it moved between the top 10 and 20 list on South Africa’s Apple Podcasts.

Here’s A Thought - The Mkahs


Husband and wife Lerato and Phetola Makhetha are digital personalities that have seen much popularity and success on YouTube known by their online name The Makhs. The pair have made a strong brand around living as not only partners but thriving individuals respectively. They bring the hard relationship topics to the table on their podcast, with topics from your partner being intimated by your success, raising young black girls and what honesty looks like in a modern, young and dynamic African relationship.