Stonebwoy Cries Out For Freedom In the Music Video For ‘Le Gba Gbe’
Photo via Listen Up PR

Stonebwoy Cries Out For Freedom In the Music Video For ‘Le Gba Gbe’

The Ghanaian artist comes through with a new music video for the Anloga Junction highlight.

Hot off of his newly released album, Anloga Junction , Stonebwoy 's latest music video speaks to mental prisons and how life should be enjoyed while we have it.

"Le Gba Gbe [Alive]," sung in his native language Ewe, starts off with beautifully haunting scenes echoing the strain listeners can hear in his voice. Directed by Rex , the music video takes full advantage of all that is the West African country, with lingering shots of the amazing landscapes Ghana has to offer. The song and video show the difference between being mentally enslaved and being given the freedom to rise above and flourish to live a better life.

"The visuals to this spiritual song means a lot to me and that's why I was filmed at my ancestral place. It carries the important message of staying true to one's roots", Stonebwoy said of his vision.

The video is timely as the world witnesses the different societies take to the streets to protest the mistreatment of Black and African American people across the world. Though Stonebwoy chose to stick to his native roots, there is a message in here for everyone.

Check out the music video below.

Stonebwoy - Le Gba Gbe [Alive] (Official Video)