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Interview: K.O Doesn’t Believe in Replicating His Old Self

We speak with the South African hip-hop star about his latest album PTY UnLTD.

One thing you need to give to K.O is that he's never released the same project more than once. His three albums—2014's Skhanda Republic, 2018's SR2 and the recently released PTY UnLTD—all sound distinctly different.

"I've made so many gritty super street records over the years," recalls K.O in an interview with OkayAfrica at the Sony Music Entertainment South Africa offices in Joburg. "So, with this one I wanted the feeling, and just the album to sonically sound different from anything that I had done before."

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K.O Shares Summer-Ready Visuals for ‘Citi Boi’ and ‘4AM’

Watch K.O's new visuals for 'Citi Boi' and '4AM.'

K.O's latest single from his recently-released album PTY UnLTD is the song "Citi Boi." The South African rapper recently highlighted the song with a new music video. The video is a mashup of visuals for both "Citi Boi" and "4AM," which comes towards the end of the clip.

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