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Breaking Tradition: Here's What Young Africans Think of Open Marriages, Polygamy, Cohabitation & More

We asked young Africans to share their thoughts on non-traditional relationships, here's what they said.

When it comes to sex and relationships, there are certain topics that—despite having strong feelings on them—we often find hard to speak about openly.

Though we live in a world that is seemingly more progressive than ever—emphasis on "seemingly"—certain subjects still remain taboo, especially as they relate to sexuality. Some might argue that another layer of stigmatization is added for Africans, many of whom come from conservative households.

We want to talk about these things openly for a change, after all, we might as well be open and honest about things that we are all experiencing. Plus, we've all wondered these things at some point or another so why not just address them head-on?

We asked OkayAfrica readers a few questions about relationships that are commonly considered "nontraditional," and what we received were colorful, honest responses that prove that it's much easier to talk about these subjects than you might have thought. Read them below.

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Black Love: It's Time to Tell it Like it Is

Are 'ride-or-die' relationships simply an excuse for the abuse of black women?

I remember my first proper relationship (or so I thought) in my first year of university. I had a close black male friend whom I had met through a scholarship we had both been awarded. We were almost inseparable and so naturally I assumed that we would make an equally amazing couple. Long story short, he was emotionally inept and at times that ineptitude would turn abusive.

I will never forget the day I reached out to him, just a few months after my father had passed away, and he told me that I ought to stop expecting everyone to feel sorry for me. It had been four months already and I needed to get over it. But I was so determined to love him, young as I was, so determined to prove that like the many strong black women in my family, I too was one of them. The failure of my relationship was not an option.

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