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Trevor Noah Announces Departure Date For 'The Daily Show'

The South African comedian recently announced that his official last day on the show would be Thursday, December 8, 2022.

Late last month, Trevor Noah announced that he will be leaving The Daily Show after seven years.

He is now giving fans a specific date regarding his exit from the show: December 8, 2022.

When he first announced he was leaving, Noah described his experience hosting the show as "absolutely amazing," adding:

“It’s something that I never expected,” Noah said. “I found myself thinking throughout the time of everything we’ve gone through. The Trump presidency, the pandemic, just the journey, more pandemic and I realize that after the seven years, my time is up.”

Following the departure of Jon Stewart from the show in 2015, the South African comedian became the show's host, and has since interviewed the likes of Barack Obama, Burna Boy, Davido and a host of other notable public figures. The 38-year-old has also used his platform to elevate African artistry and elevate the African experience. Noah alluded to the idea that his decision to leave the show was inspired partly by his interest in returning to stand up comedy and exploring his skillset that way. Noah also thanked his viewers for giving him an opportunity when he first came on the American scene as a comedian who very few knew about.

“I spent two years in my apartment, not on the road, and when I got back out there, I realized there’s another part of my life out there that I want to carry on exploring. I miss learning other languages. I miss going to other countries and putting on shows,” said Noah.

Noah also referred to the show as "one of the greatest joys" of his life, and has credited the show for helping him hone his creative muscle.

“I’ve loved hosting this show, it’s been one of my greatest challenges and one of my greatest joys,” Noah said. “I’ve loved trying to find a way to make people laugh, even when the stories are particularly shitty, even on the worst days. We’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together.”

According to Variety, Comedy Central will put the show on hiatus after Noah leaves. The current return date is January 17th. Comedy Central has not announced a successor to Noah.

The Daily Show will host a “celebratory look back at his [Noah's] greatest moments” on December 5.

This story was updated on October 13th.