​Image courtesy of Victony's team.
Image courtesy of Victony's team.

Victony Shares New Single "Jaga Jaga" Featuring AV

The new Victony single "Jaga Jaga" is a soul-stirring melody of reflection and resilience.

Victony, the rising star from Nigeria, is poised to usher in a new era in his music career, drawing inspiration from his environment, its historical roots, and its future possibilities to shape his evolving musical identity.

Following his impactful two-track release in June 2023, My Darling/Angelus, Victony, the talented Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter, is back with another record, featuring AV, titled "Jaga Jaga." Produced by the renowned Kzito, this single showcases the exceptional talents of one of today's most gifted musicians.

In "Jaga Jaga," Victony, the 2023 Headies award winner for Best Recording of the Year and Headies Viewers Choice, presents a deeply introspective and personal musical narrative, chronicling his ascension in the music industry. He serenades, "My life is a different story; it is a movie written by God," expressing gratitude for his divine journey.

"'Jaga Jaga' is a song I believe the world needs to embrace. It embodies honesty and profound introspection, and I am confident it will resonate with people on multiple intimate levels," remarks Victony about his forthcoming single.

This release paves the way for Victony's highly anticipated body of work, scheduled for release in the upcoming months.

Reflecting on his musical journey, Victony shares, "When we make Nigerians proud of what we do, it feels incredibly rewarding. It's a deeply personal and special journey for me." Transitioning from various musical personas within the realm of Afrobeats, Victony aspires to shine on the global stage. He states, "Right now, I'm combining all facets of Victony to present something extraordinary to my fans. That's the direction I want to take Victony." Each facet of Victony provides listeners with a unique glimpse into his world.

His 2022 EP, "Outlaw," consisting of seven tracks, seamlessly fused Afrobeats with Amapiano, gospel, and pop influences, solidifying his status as a promising solo artist. Victony's decision to sing, as opposed to his signature rap style, on the EP presented a significant challenge. He reflects, "I couldn't apply my knowledge of rap music to Afrobeats, particularly in terms of songwriting, because it's an entirely different art form. So, making that transition was genuinely challenging, as I had to start from scratch."

Listen to the new track below:

Jaga Jaga (with Babyboy AV)