Listen To Yallunder’s Debut EP ‘Uthando Lwam’

Listen To Yallunder’s Debut EP ‘Uthando Lwam’

Ascending South African singer Yallunder releases her debut EP titled 'Uthando Lwam'.

Uthando Lwam comes after the stunning vocal performance and impressive songwriting Yallunder displayed on her label's compilation iSambulo, where she appeared on three songs including her debut single "Ndinovalo".

The classically-trained Afro-soul singer bares her heart on the 6-track EP, and is assisted by Sjava, Nue_Sam and Inno Motong to relate the roller coaster that is love.

The songs, based on both her personal experiences and observations, express the different aspects of love or the lack thereof; from falling in love too quickly and getting heartbroken to moving on after a failed relationship and finding joy in a new partner.

The title and opening track "Uthando Lwam" sees the singer speak on the enduring and conquering nature of love. She sings:

"...Amandla am ayophel'endleleni/ Ubuhle bam buyosala nobutsha bam/ ...Uthando lwam londifikisa kuwe/ Uthando lwam londigcina kuwe..."
("My strength will run its course/ My beauty will remain in my youth/
My love will carry me to You/ My love will will keep me with You")

"Iphutha" featuring Nue_Sam is a song about "having trusted someone with all your heart only to find that their intentions were different," as she put it at the EP's launch which was hosted the night before the release.

When asked by a member of the crowd what type of sound she makes, she said "I still haven't decided what type of sound I do because I want to do every type of music that's out there."

Having been featured on some house tracks recently, the EP does a great job at showcasing the type of music Yallunder makes as a standalone artist, at least on this project, and what she has to offer as singer-songwriter.

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