Ibraah x dj tarico

Ibraah X Dj Tarico "Shem"


The Best East African Songs Right Now

Featuring Alikiba, Xenia Manasseh, Ibraah x DJ Tarico and more.

As we embark on the second half of the year, we witness East African artists reaching unprecedented heights with their remarkable achievements. They have been captivating audiences worldwide with their chart-topping hits, forging international collaborations, and introducing innovative sounds through the emergence of talented newcomers. From Kenya to Tanzania to Uganda and beyond, here are some East African songs that we absolutely love at the moment.

Xenia Manasseh "Wild Ride"

Kenyan-Ugandan songstress Xenia Manasseh released "Wild Ride" for COLORS this month to much acclaim. Set against a backdrop of sleek guitar melodies and a crisp rhythm, Manasseh delivers graceful vocals, delving into the concept of progress following the conclusion of a romantic relationship. This comes just after the release of her newest Love/Hate EP, which has also received positive reviews.

Alikiba & Tommy Flavour "Huku"

Tanzanian music giant Alikiba, known for his diverse roles as a singer-songwriter and owner of Kings Music label, has dropped a hot new track called "Huku" featuring Tommy Flavour. This song isn't just about love and seduction, it's a sensational fusion of their talents, blending Bongo Flava and pop music to create an irresistible danceable vibe

Ibraah x DJ Tarico "Shem"

"Shem" stands as a testament to the ever-changing musical landscape of Tanzania. In a collaborative effort between Ibraah and Mozambican hitmaker DJ Tarico, the track bridges the gap between traditional Bongo Flava enthusiasts and Amapiano music aficionados. This song not only honors Tanzania's rich musical heritage but also showcases the inventive spirit of its modern artists.

Joshua Baraka "Omukwano (Love)" ft. Winnie Nwagi

Joshua Baraka, the "Nana" hitmaker, continues his success with a new love ballad titled "Omukwano," featuring Winnie Nwagi. Produced by Axxon, who previously collaborated on hits like "Omu" and "I Do." Winnie Nwagi, one of Uganda's top female musicians, joins in to add her unique sound. "Omukwano" is the latest addition to Joshua Baraka's eventful 2023, and it's a celebration of the powerful emotion of love.

King Saha & Feffe Bussi "Pretty Pretty (Remix)"

Ugandan artists Ffeffe Bussi and King Saha have joined forces for the remix of their hit song "Pretty Pretty." Following the success of the original version, the vocal prowess of King Saha combines with the lyrical skill of Ffeffe Bussi to deliver a remix masterpiece. This song has gained immense popularity among Ugandan pop enthusiasts.

Labdi “Tikni”

The Afro-fusion genre continues to dominate the airwaves in Nairobi, and Kenyan songstress Labdi is at the forefront of it, showcasing her exceptional talent and ability to deliver at her best. Her latest single, “Tikni,” is a masterful blend of warm yet melancholic melodies she describes it as a song about yearning and lusting for a lover and the beauty about loving someone is that it often is accompanied by the delusion of being together till infinity.