​Promotional image for "Only God Can Save Me."
Promotional image for "Only God Can Save Me" by Joeboy.

Joeboy Releases New Single “Only God Can Save Me”

Joeboy is announcing his new EP, Body, Soul & Spirit, alongside the release of the new single "Only God Can Save Me."

Nigerian Afropop sensation, Joeboy, renowned for his captivating melodic hooks and heartfelt lyrics, has taken a profound dive into introspection with the release of his new five-song EP. The EP begins with its lead single, "Only God Can Save Me," produced by Debo.x, marking a shift from his previous Afrobeats hits like 2021's "Sip (Alcohol)" with over 400 million streams.

Titled Body, Soul & Spirit, this project presents a darker and moodier side of Joeboy as he explores themes such as societal pressures, paranoia, insecurity, and the complexities of love. During the creation of this EP, Joeboy ventured into a solitary recording journey, a significant departure from his usual collaborative process. He explains, "I have been through a rollercoaster of emotions since the release of my album. I have had to really dig deep to keep my sanity intact and put on a brave face to keep up appearances. The songs on the EP embody my journey through this emotionally draining period."

"Only God Can Save Me" emerges from a place of vulnerability, echoing the desire to control one's destiny while realizing the fundamental truth that one's journey in life is beyond personal control. Joeboy shares his perspective, saying, "It's easy to get carried away and believe we can do it all ourselves. I came to the realization that I have no control over my journey in life. All I can do is cast my worries on God and believe he will handle it all."

Reflecting on the song's origins, Joeboy goes on to explain, "The song came from a place of realization over a strange two-week period that had me questioning everything and everyone. I discovered a lot of negative things going on around me and started seeing people for who they truly were. I needed certain people to be there for me, but they disappeared. I truly felt alone, and it became obvious to me that human beings are not reliable, and most people are only there for you on the condition that they can gain something from you. I came to the realization that you are really and truly alone on this earth, and God is the only source of strength and succor."

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Only God Can Save Me