Watch Khuli Chana's New Exceptional Music Video For 'Buyile'

A scene from Khuli Chana's Buyile music video.


Watch Khuli Chana's New Exceptional Music Video For 'Buyile'

Khuli Chana's 'Buyile' music video features hip-hop and amapiano's finest — Lady Du, Tyler I.C.U, DJ Sumbody, Stino Le Thwenny and more.

Khuli Chana's new music video for "Buyile" has finally dropped, almost a month after the South African hip-hop artist released the single. Khuli Chana's better half DJ Lamiez Holworthy features prominently in the music video alongside hip-hop duo Stino Le Thwenny. Amapiano's current cream of the crop DJ Lady Du and producer Tyler I.C.U also make an appearance in the video. Co-producers DJ Sumbody and Vetty also join in to celebrate Khuli Chana's new musical chapter.

The "Buyile" music video is just what the doctor ordered to get through a midweek slump, a powerful move by Khuli Chana that celebrates his turn to a new musical chapter with his embrace of amapiano. However, the amazing rap lyricist's maintains his hip-hop stance as seen in the visuals. Khuli Chana and his entourage get together have the most wicked fun in a hotel in the "Buyile" video. Lady Du, who lends her undeniably recognisable vocals rides down the hotel aisle in a hotel bag trolley. The hotel takeover descends from the lobby down to the reception where a big party takes over. The scenes cheekily capture the return of the Motswako originator to the hip-hop game.

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Khuli Chana released the "Buyile" single on April 16 and instantly refreshed hip-hop enthusiasts. His sound is admittedly different from his early works. This is a comeback anthem that will be sung for years to come.

Watch the "Buyile" music video below.

Khuli Chana feat. Tyler ICU, Stino Le Thwenny, & Lady Du - Buyile (Official Music Video)