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Popular South African Series 'Intersexions' is Coming to Netflix.

Popular South African Series 'Intersexions' is Coming to Netflix

Netflix will take South Africans down memory lane with the streaming of 'Intersexions', arguably one of the country's best local productions from the last decade.

Netflix recently announced that it will be streaming the popular South African series Intersexions. The local series will launch on the streaming platform on May 5th with the second season due to follow a week later on May 12th. As we continue to be hauled up in our homes during various national lockdowns, Netflix is taking us on a walk down memory lane and we're certainly here for it.

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South African television has produced some of the most impactful local series in the past decade. Soul City, Tsha Tsha, Gaz'lam, Skeem Saam and Intersexions all bear testament to this glorious era. These shows used a simple yet winning formula that took the realities of many South Africans and presented them as they were on-screen. This method of storytelling resonated deeply with its South African audience and captivated them for years to come.

Intersexions is no different. The award-winning television series shows how multiple relationships between sexual partners enable HIV to spread insidiously across society. The show is visceral and holds nothing back.

In addition to Intersexions, Netflix will also be streaming South African classics including the Oscar-winning film, Tsotsi, iNumber Number, Kalushi and the gangster thriller, Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema.

The popular South African drama series Tjovitjo can also be streamed on Netflix, two years following its first premiere. OkayAfrica's Sabelo Mkhabela writes, "Tjovitjo is centered on isipantsula (pantsula dance), which has been a part of South African urban culture for decades since the 1950s, and still continues to resonate across the world to this day. The show follows the dance group AmaTjovitjo and uses dance as an entry point to highlighting the plights faced by South Africa's working class every day."

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