Mx Blouse. Photo by Sabelo MKhabela.

The 15 Best South African Songs of the Month

Dope tracks and videos from Kimosabe, Zakwe, Mx Blouse, Bongeziwe Mabandla, Da L.E.S, Cassper Nyovest and more.

Our list of the best South African songs of the month includes new singles that dropped in May alongside those that were highlighted by getting the visual treatment.

Check out our selections below, which feature Kimosabe, Zakwe, Mx Blouse, Bongeziwe Mabandla, Da L.E.S, Cassper Nyovest and more.

The list is in no particular order.

Bonj "Til The Tide"

Bonj's first solo single, which precedes countless guest features, is a song to bump during summer on the beach—it sounds like a holiday, from the bass line to the singer's layered vocals and the percussion the song stands on.

Mx Blouse "Isiphukuphuku"

"Isiphukuphuku" is more proof (if you still need more) that kwaito will never die it just lives through other genres like electronica and hip-hop. Mx Blouse rides the mid-tempo instrumental with the bravado of a rapper and a kwaito artist. The video completes the song with people of diverse races and genders gyrate in a low-end mall.

Anatii "Thixo Onofefe"

The video for Anatii's latest emphasizes the song's meaning—it's in line with its lyrics, and depicts Anatii's spiritual side. Watch him decode the video, here.

RMBO x Morena Leraba "Mzabalazo"

"Mzabalazo" has a huge kwaito influence with skittering drums and buzzing synths. Leraba laces the music with matching flows to give the track more personality.

Kimosabe "For Life"

Kimosabe can do no wrong. His latest single "For Life" is a world class pop song that plays with your emotions as the artist bears his soul and wears his heart on his sleeve. It can also come in handy in the club or at a party.

Zakwe "Sebentin Remix"

The remix to Zakwe's hard-hitting 2017 hit, "Sebentin" is a gathering of some of the finest of South African hip-hop—from Pro, to Blakez, HHP, Kwesta and Pro. They deliver impressive verses whose merits and demerits kept hip-hop heads occupied on Twitter for a minute.

Contra Gang "Blast Off"

Your favorite Cape Town boy band Contra Gang released yet another impressive single. "Blast Off" is a tapestry of the group's personalities and rapping skills. The song is as much suitable for the club as it is for your headphones.

Prince Kaybee "Club Controller Remix" ft. TNS & LaSoulmates, Zanda Zakuza, Bucie, Mpumi, Ziyon, Busiswa, Nokwazi and Naak MusiQ

One of the biggest songs of the year got treated to an even bigger remix, that features the biggest names in house music in South Africa. The song's essentially a pose cut, and every artist showcases their unique style.

The Big Hash ft Riky Rick "Dark Horse"

One of South Africa's most promising young rappers impressed Riky Rick so much the veteran rapper did not only bring him out at Back To The City, but also jumped on his latest single. As is always the case with The Big Hash's songs, the bass bangs hard, and his flows steal the show. Riky also spills some tea on his verse which is delivered in varied flows.

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Bongeziwe ft. Spoek Mathambo "Bawo Wami"

Bongeziwe Mabandla takes a moment to thanks the man above for what he has done for him. "Bawo Wami" blends folk and electronica perfectly, and Spoek's verse finds a perfect home over the music. The music video is layered without being too busy and is simply striking.

Cassper Nyovest "Push Through The Pain"

Cassper Nyovest's motivational single "Push Through The Pain" from his 2017 album Thuto, just got the visual treatment. The video, which plays out like a short film, tells the story of… well, pushing through the pain.

Robin Thirdfloor "Ethekwini"

The music video for Durban-based rapper Robin Thirdfloor's "Ethekwini" is an ad for Durban as much as it is about the rapper's life. It shows a day in his life and shows the scenery of the coastal city.

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B3nchMarQ "Baby Girl"

The single to the duo's upcoming album is a song about father-daughter relations. The rappers each treat their verse as a conversation with their respective daughters.

Da L.E.S "Ballers Freestyle" (ft. A-Reece & TellaMan)

The video to one of the strongest cuts from Da L.E.S' latest album, HOF 2, is infectious. L.E.S, his collaborators and everyone on the video are genuinely happy, and it's contagious.

Bonafide "Slay Queen"

Bonafide, a member of the socially conscious rap crew Last Days Fam, released a song about the "slay queen" culture. It's a tricky subject to cover for a man, as one runs the risk of getting preachy. But a member of a hip-hop crew that hasn't been shy about their affiliation with Christianity, preaching is the point. The music is impressive—mellow boom-bap with sweet keys and a healthy bass line, and Bonafide flows effortlessly. The politics of the song are a subjective debate that we will leave to you.

News Brief
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Here's What You Need To Know About The Political Unrest In Sudan

Thousands have been protesting the Sudanese government over the weekend, supporting the military's plans for a coup.

Sudan's transitional government is in turmoil as thousands of citizens conducted a sit-in protest against them, over the weekend. A group of Sudanese citizens have called on the military to disestablish the nation's current government, as the country struggles with the greatest crisis they've seen since the end of former dictator Omar al-Bashir's controversial ruling, two years ago. The weekend's pro-military protests come as anti-military protestors took to the streets earlier this month to fight for civilian-ruled laws.

Military-aligned demonstrators assembled outside of the famously off-limits entrance of the Presidential Palace located in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum on Monday. Gatherers set up tents, blocking off access to two main intersections, cutting off access to the capital for those inside. Police attempted to wave off crowds with teargas, with Khartoum state officials saying they had, "repelled an attempted assault on the seat of government," in a statement issued Monday.

The assembly was called for by a coalition of rebel groups and political parties that support Sudan's military, accusing the civilian political parties of mismanagement and monopolizing power under their ruling. Demonstrations began on Saturday, but Sunday's gathering saw a lower attendance. According to Reuters, by Monday afternoon, thousands, between 2,000 - 3,000, had returned to voice their concerns. 52-year-old tribal elder Tahar Fadl al-Mawla spoke at the helm of the sit-in outside of the Presidential palace saying, "The civilian government has failed. We want a government of soldiers to protect the transition." Alongside a 65-year-old Ahman Jumaa who claimed to have traveled more than 900 kilometers (570 miles) from Southern region Nyala to show his support.

Protesters are demanding the appointment of a new cabinet that is "more representative of the people who participated in the December 2019 revolution that eventually led to the ousting of former president Omar al-Bashir", Al Jazeera reported from Sudan. Protesters headed towards the Presidential Palace, where an emergency cabinet meeting was being held when they were met by police forces.

Pro-civilian political parties have plans for their own demonstration on Thursday, the anniversary of the 1964 revolution that overthrew Sudan's first military regime under Ibrahim Abboud and brought in a period of democracy that the country still struggles to uphold.

Sudanese Twitter users shared their thoughts online, with many drawing similarities between the current unrest and other political crises the nation has faced.

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