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Interview: Award-Winning Eswatini Artist Mzwaa is Shifting The Paradigm

Award-winning soul musician from Eswatini Mzwaa refuses to be boxed.

Eswatini's music scene is largely dominated by gospel, Afro-soul and a bit of hip-hop. Mzwaa is one artist shifting the paradigm with his soul-infused hip-hop music.

Making his introduction in the industry by winning the 2018 MTN Bushfire Firefly competition and subsequently going on to perform at the event that very year, Mzwaa has had a meteoric rise in his nascent music career and making a great impression with his debut EP Right On Time.

Born and raised in the hub of Eswatini, Manzini, Mzwaa is one of the new breeds of musical talents from the kingdom fusing R&B, hip-hop and soul to form new sounds.

In his debut release, Mzwaa extensively covers the topic of love and sings about aspiration through the lens of a young Swati man. Right On Time is a near-flawless EP in which Mzwaa showcases his talent. He hits high notes with ease and instantly switches to rapping while staying on-beat.

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