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Eswatini Rapper Grixxly Showcases Lyrical Prowess in Debut EP ‘As The Fruit Ripens’

Eswatini rapper Grixxly releases highly anticipated debut EP 'As The Fruit Ripens', a showcase of his lyrical prowess over hard-hitting trap-influenced beats and soul-infused samples.

About a year ago, Grixxly released "Energy Freestyle", a 2-minute freestyle over a drill beat accompanied by a dope lyric video. The freestyle was the rapper's declaration of his arrival and having his eyes on the throne.

This week, the up-and-coming emcee from Eswatini released the 5-track EP As The Fruit Ripens. In it, Grixxly showcases his versatility and lyrical prowess over hard-hitting trap-influenced beats and soul-infused samples. He expresses his thoughts and emotions and paints a picture of who he is and what he's about. One example of this is "Blank Kanvas", the EP's opening song in which he paints a picture of how everything started—from a blank canvas on which he has painted his dreams, visions and identity to ideas. The song is fittingly littered with art references. He opens up with an amazing verse rapping:

"I swear yall don't wanna me hear go off on a beat/ painting off vivid pictures with lyrics i feel like Vincent Willem (van Gogh)/ While they home asleep or just scrolling on feeds/ Glad to know me and 'em ain't acquainted, I'm finding inner peace in chopping beats or rapping, exploring a niche"

On the EP's closing song, "Brema to Rio", Grixxly features fellow rapper Oriiginelle. In the song, he speaks about his aspirations of taking his music beyond the borders of Eswatini to as far as Rio De Janeiro. "Brema" is the nickname of his city Manzini, a reference to the town's colonial name "Bremersdorp". "Brema to Rio" is yet another song in which Grixxly continues to showcase lyrical ability. He raps, "I'm cold as they come/ I'm a don, I'm a package/ I'll blow like a cannon/and pose for the Canons... click."

As The Fruit Ripens was produced entirely by Grixxly himself. Artists Mzwaa, Qibho Intalektual, Velemseni and Sarnilo sing as part of the choir in the song "Blessed".

As The Fruit Ripens is the first hip-hop release from Antidote Music, an independent label from Eswatini best known for house releases.

Stream As The Fruit Ripens by Grixxly on Apple Music, Spotify and everywhere else.

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