Teni Taps Mayorkun, Costa Titch, and Ch'cco For New Single 'Maitama'

Photo by TSE.


Following her debut COLORS performance, the Nigerian singer shares a new single called "Maitama."

Teni has released a new single called "Maitama." featuring celebrated Nigerian singer Mayorkun and South Africa's Costa Titch and Ch'cco. The track is produced by Jay Synths and Bigfish, who have both worked with other well-known Nigerian artists.

"Maitama" is Teni's recent single following her release of 'Little (I Love I Love),' an Afropop love song that showcases the singer's signature sound and versatility. Named after a renowned town in Abuja, Nigeria, "Maitama" chronicles Teni's journey of leaving home to embark on a new life journey that shows her evolvement and growth.

The track is a fusion of South African house. It shows how Teni's distinct sound works harmoniously with Amapiano, a sound increasingly becoming a hallmark of African music.

While discussing the record, Teni said that she wrote the song from a personal space, and also said that she is focused on never giving up in spite of any pitfalls that might arise.

"Maitama" is very personal to me, as I wrote it from a space that I was in. I know I won't have everything in life figured out, but eventually, it will all fall into place, and something great will happen one way or another. I know I'm not stopping. I'm just going to keep on pushing," said Teni. "This track is about me having fun in both good and bad times and expressing myself. I may not know where I'm going, but I'm going somewhere. "Maitama" is just a mood of, yes, I don't have all the answers, but if I keep going, something beautiful is surely bound to happen. It's about maintaining the balance of faith, hard work, and fun."

Teni became known for her critically acclaimed smash hit "Case" and dropped her debut album WONDALAND in 2021, a project that raked up over 100 million streams globally and was named by YouTube Music as a 'trending artist on the rise.'

Her distinguished and eclectic record fuses her authentic love for her Nigerian culture. The record also highlights Teni's growth and versatility. Listen to the new record below.