15 Things Africans Hate

It always bears repeating. These are out of the question.

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Lupita is a Goddess—Homeboy is TRASH

Seven images of Lupita Nyong'o that prove the haters are wrong.

Hi, Chinedu here again. I'm the soon to be Pulitzer winning journalist who brought you great works like "23 Things We Like about R. Kelly" and "Inside Trump’s Secret WhatsApp Group with African Dictators."

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23 Things We Like About R. Kelly

R. Kelly is back in the news again. Here are the 23 reasons to keep liking the embattled R&B singer.

Where Are All The Black People in Game of Thrones?

You're telling me a world with dragons, and frozen zombies can't have some lit black folk with spears and stuff?

The Grammys Don't Care About African People (Yeezy Voice)

Afrobeats received no recognition at the Grammys this year. We need an explanation.

Dear Omarosa, Be Honest, Are You Really Nigerian?

An open letter to Omarosa on behalf of Nigerians everywhere.


Inside Trump's Secret Whatsapp Group with African Dictators

We've been leaked text of Trump's conversations with some of Africa's longest serving leaders.