‘Dealing with Dumsor’ Is a Photo Essay About the Ghanaian Approach to Power Cuts

This photo series on dumsor documents how the millennials of Accra, Ghana are nurturing a seeming disadvantage to empower themselves.

I do remember a lot of fun things happening when the lights went off—like having rap battles in boarding school and classmates throwing food at obnoxious seniors in the dark. There are many childhood memories of mine that involve power cuts but it upsets me that Dumsor is no longer a distant memory and is still very prevalent in Ghana today.

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Photographing Ethiopia's Young Skate Scene

An inside look at Ethiopian skatelife from the lens of Daniel Reiter

All images courtesy of Daniel Reiter.

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Ghana's Lady Jay On Her 'Trapzonto' Sound & Collaboration With Sarkodie

We talk to Ghanaian singer Lady Jay about her bold new sound & new single "Venus" and the lack of a Ghanaian music industry.

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