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Youngsta CPT Releases Visuals for '1000 Mistakes'.

Image courtesy of the artist.

YoungstaCPT Releases Visuals for '1000 Mistakes'

YoungstaCPT has released the scenic visuals for '1000 Mistakes' which features on his SAMA-nominated debut album '3T'.

YoungstaCPThas released the stunning scenic visuals for "1000 Mistakes" which features on his 2019 solo debut album 3T(Things Take Time). In this latest music video, YoungstaCPT adds home brewed elements with a cameo from his grandfather in the accompanying visuals. The Cape Townian rapper is coming back for it all with this music video despite the numerous difficulties faced while shooting because of COVID-19 restrictions. The result is a crisp and delectable visual story.

The rapper recently took to Twitter to announce news of the music video this past Thursday.

The "1000 Mistakes" music video boasts aerial views of Cape Town: from YoungstaCPT's front door and the beach to the foothills of Cape Town's mountains. YoungstaCPT raps reminiscently about his past mistakes in relationships while recounting the growth that he has undertaken as an artist and as a man. A self-proclaimed rap wordsmith, his lyrical flow is accentuated with light piano keys and a trippy beat.

A particularly sweet touch to both the song and music video is the addition of his grandfather. The song is treated with his grandfather's voice giving him life advice and the whole album is narrated by his sage advice.

YoungstaCPT emerged in 2015 breaking into Cape Town's hip hop scene which has admittedly always been tailing Johannesburg's. YoungstaCPT is no longer an underdog from Cape Town especially after 3T scooped up a SAMA nomination. With '1000 Mistakes' Youngsta CPT is certainly now claiming it all at the winners' table.

3T is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

Watch the music video for "1000 Mistakes" below:

YoungstaCPT - 1000