Trump Plans to Extend Travel Ban to Nigeria, Tanzania, Sudan, Eritrea & Three Other Countries
Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Trump Plans to Extend Travel Ban to Nigeria, Tanzania, Sudan, Eritrea & Three Other Countries

Here's what the travel ban could mean for these nations.

On Tuesday it was announced thatDonald Trump'sadministration plans to extend its infamous travel ban to include seven new countries, many of them in Africa.

The countries named on the list, include Nigeria, Tanzania, Sudan and Eritrea, as well as Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, and the Eastern European nation of Belarus. Politico first broke the news.

According to The Washington Post,the move would likely not be a complete ban on citizens looking to enter the US, however it could place various visa restrictions on some government officials and on those seeking certain type of visitor and business visas.

Some nations could also be banned from participation in the diversity travel lottery program, which grants green cards. Trump has threatened to sack the program in the past.

The move will likely cause tension between the US and the countries listed. Nigeria, for example, is Africa's most populous nation with strategic trading and anti-terrorism ties to the US. Nigeria also has one of the largest diasporas living in the US. The news also has foreign policy implications for Sudan, which underwent a revolutionary change in government last year.

According to government officials, the list is not yet final, and it is possible that a few nations will be removed.

The announcement is in-line with the anti-immigrant polices that have marked Trump's time in office, and his derogatory views on African countries.

The initial travel ban was established in January 2017—a week after Trump entered office—and applied to several citizens of predominately Muslim nations including Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Venezuela and more.