Watch Muzi Take Over Mars In His Latest Single 'Interblaktic'

Muzi in his latest music video for the single "Interblaktic"

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Watch Muzi Take Over Mars In His Latest Single 'Interblaktic'

Muzi has released astonishing afro-futuristic visuals for his latest electro fusion single 'Interblaktic', off his forthcoming album.

Electronic musician Muzihas dropped the much anticipated single and music video for his lead single "Interblaktic". This latest offering is a smooth electronic number that reflects Black joy and freedom on an intergalactic level.

The "Interblaktic" music video kicks off with Muzi calmly floating in a natural green pool. A voice announces, "There seems to be a lot of Black people on Mars" before the scene shifts to where he stands on the famed and highly-contested red planet, Mars. Muzi, who also goes by the alias Zulu Skywalker, is seen dancing freely with fellow travellers. The music video is stunningly shot and heavily immersed in nature. The roaring waterfalls, Muzi's playful dance moves and beautiful natural Black women make this a true celebration of unhindered Black joy.

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The single and the visuals blend effortlessly, making this a synergetic affirmation of Blackness in all its forms. "Tell me what you really wanna do/ Picture perfect, I enjoy the view/ Red lips, kinky hair, Black skin, free as hell", Muzi muses over and over again in the chorus, an expression of self-love, vulnerability and the imagined possibilities for Black people in the future. This is an artistically daring move by Muzi, especially considering that Black people's existence is often left out of the space exploration frontier. The "Interblaktic" music video shows how authentic Black people remain despite the changing times, while the resounding message is to fight the urge to conform, no matter what planet one finds themselves on.

The "Interblaktic" music video is a foretaste of Muzi's upcoming album featuring his alter ego The Zulu Skywalker. The video was shot in Johannesburg's scenic rustic red and white industrial mines. True to form, the music video maintains Muzi's love for Johannesburg while projecting millions of years into an alternative existence. Espacio Dios and Clout Killed The Kids are behind the music production and visual direction.

Watch the "Interblaktic" music video below.

Muzi - Interblaktic (Official Video)