Okayafrica's Top 15 Songs of 2015

Okayafrica's Top 15 Songs of 2015

We list the Top 15 Songs of the year, including tracks that made a big impact & lesser-known Okayafrica favorites we felt earned a mention.

Young Fathers “Shame”

Young Fathers. Image Courtesy of the Artist.

The second single and track off the provocatively-titled White Men Are Black Men Too LP, “Shame” is a high-energy pop and dance tune grounded in something seriously sinister. Pounding yet soulful, the song shines with the gorgeous vocals of band member Alloysious Massaquoi and bits of gospel from Scotland’s Leith Congregational Choir. It’s a brutal explosiveness that hits deep in the soul, not unlike that of TV On The Radio’s masterpiece “Wolf Like Me.”

When Young Fathers released “Shame” as a single in March, they did so with a cryptic message: “what does it take to feel better? When will you be happy again? Who cares. Keep moving and then, a moment and you realise, hey I’m happy, just now, right now and it comes home and you feel no shame. No. Shame.”

Indeed, on the heels of their 2014 Mercury Prize, the group broke every convention in the book to create one of this year’s most feel good tracks.

—Alyssa Klein

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