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Review: A-Reece’s ‘Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory’ is a Mixtape From an Artist at The Peak of His Powers

A-Reece's new mixtape 'Today's Tragedy, Tomorrow's Memory' is not a loud and grand proclamation, it's a small and quiet statement from an artist well and truly at the peak of his powers.

"I'm on my second j, but I ain't getting high, 23 stressing like I'm 45, I'm mortified," raps A-Reece on the opener to Today's Tragedy, Tomorrow's Memory: The Mixtape. It's not that difficult to read the subtext of these lines. At 23, the Pretoria rapper's career has had as many operatic twists and turns as most seasoned veterans. In 2016 (then aged 19 and signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment), he released his critically acclaimed Paradise. The album won him Lyricist Of The Year at the South African Hip Hop Awards, but a little over a year later, A-Reece left Ambitiouz Entertainment and went independent which resulted in his debut album being removed from YouTube and other streaming services at the time.

This is all to say, Today's Tragedy, Tomorrow's Memory: The Mixtape is a project that comes with its fair share of baggage. A-Reece is a rapper notorious for his reclusiveness. He takes up minimal space online, often tweeting updates from the studio or guest appearances on his peers' albums. Even Today's Tragedy's rollout could be considered frugal by today's standards. Which isn't to say A-Reece couldn't be bothered with amplifying his music. That's not the case. He's just a rapper of rare vintage: happy to let the work speak for itself and impose itself on its own terms.

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