A-Reece Shares New Song ‘$TRICTLY 4 MY B*TCH’ Ahead of His Highly-Anticipated Album

A-Reece Shares New Song ‘$TRICTLY 4 MY B*TCH’ Ahead of His Highly-Anticipated Album

A-Reece shares a new song '$TRICTLY 4 MY B*TCH' for fans to chew on while waiting for his highly anticipated album which according to the rapper is in post-production.

A-Reece gives fans "$TRICTLY 4 MY B*TCH" to chew on while they await Paradi$e 2, his upcoming album. "$TRICTLY 4 MY B*TCH" sees the popular Pretoria-based lyricist rap explicitly about his relationship that has surpassed his expectations ("Two years later I can't believe we still together/ Last year I didn't even think that we would see December/ I'm guessin' that we're God's favourites") over a minimalist beat that's sample and key-driven.

The song's artwork, a contemporary sketch of what looks like two people, is striking and the emcee admitted it's the best artwork for his singles to date. The rapper reached out to the artist via Instagram about a week ago after spotting one of his abstract pieces in progress.

"$TRICTLY 4 MY B*TCH" is one of several songs the emcee has been releasing on SoundCloud since last year when he released "In Hi$ Image [Exp 1]", which had three sequels. The single "Re$idual $Elf Image", which featured Ayanda Jiya, was released in August (more about that here).

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A-Reece has been keeping mum about Paradi$e II, but from his Instagram caption of the new song's artwork, it won't be long until fans are treated to what's one of the most anticipated South African hip-hop albums of 2021 after keeping everyone waiting since last year.

Stream "$TRICTLY 4 MY B*TCH" on SoundCloud and click here for more A-Reece coverage.

A Reece- Strictly 4 my bitch [official audio]