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Fela Kuti Named As Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominee

In arguably the most diverse and inclusive ballot to date, the king of Afrobeat is joined by the likes of Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z and many more favorites.

Fela Kuti's estate has been keeping the Nigerian icon's name and legacy alive and well over the past few months. With a recent collaborative merch drop with Online Ceramics, and the resurgence of Finding Fela!, the documentary detailing his life, the Kuti name is one that won't be losing heat anytime soon.

And now, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame seems to be keen on immortalizing the creator of Afrobeat, as he's included on this years list of nominees.

"24 years since his passing, we're so happy to see our Father recognised in this way," Fela's children write to OkayAfrica, via his longtime manager Rikki Stein. "Hoping that his fans around the world will vote for him, multiple times!"

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You Can Watch the 'Finding Fela!' Documentary For Free This Weekend

Finding Fela!, the documentary detailing the life and accomplishments ofFela Kuti,isfree on LinkTV for limited days.

Look, we've been home for almost a year now and your "Movies To Watch" lists are getting noticeably shorter. We get it. If you're about to pull the trigger on rewatching that same series for the fourth time this weekend, we're here to save you.

Finding Fela!, the 2014 documentary detailing the life and accomplishments of Nigerian icon Fela Kutihas been made available for free via LinkTV.

The film, directed by Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney, tells the story of Kuti's life, musical journey and mastery and delves appropriately into the late musician's political impact and social importance.

Fela, the creator of afrobeat, used his voice and fame to bring about political and social change under a dictatorial Nigerian government during the 1970s and 1980s. His revolutionary work transformed the ways in which many Africans deal with government oppression today, 50 years later.

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