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5 Kenyan Metal Bands You Should Check Out

Here are five bands making Kenya's metal scene the best in East Africa right now.

The best of metal doesn't need all of the big recognition. Real metal is played in basements, under leaky tents and in warehouses. That's due to true metalheads, the truly committed fans chase the next head bang as the next high.

Nowhere does that real spirit of heavy metal ring truer than in Kenya's hard rock scene. The hardcore metal heads in Kenya are committed, fiercely loyal and rock harder than just about anyone on the continent.

Here are the five hardest hitting metal bands making Kenya's metal scene the best in East Africa right now.

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Get to Know The Marockos, Botswana's Hardcore Metal Heads

Get familiar with Botswana's metal heads, The Marockos.

Yes, black metal heads do exist, and they exist in places as far and wide as Botswana.

The Marockos are the heavy metal group shaking up Botswana's underground scene with their love for all things loud, black and hardcore.

Botswana's metal scene isn't new either, the subculture started back in the 80s following the emergence of classic rock in the 70s.

The Marockos are one of the bands representing the new wave of metal in the country.

OkayAfrica got a chance to meet up with the band in their hometown of Molepolole to learn more about their movement. In a new video, the crew show off some of their toughest looks and dispel myths about metal culture. Check it out below.


Videographer/Editor: Shatho Tibane

Producer: Chika Okoli

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