A Letter to Ninja: Stop Being a Poes

On Die Antwoord, South Africa and appropriation.

In the op-ed below, Tseliso Monaheng responds to Ninja from Die Antwoord's recent Instagram post about his home country: "The question was buried in my subconscious mind since I decided the become a rapper at the age of 14: 'How the fuck am I going to make it out of South Africa?'" He continues "The young South African kids are cool as fuck, but ALOT of people over the age 20 (or so) are culturally insecure and unable to present anything artistically that is relevant to the outside world. They try their best, but their shit just circles around interally for a while then eventually dies out. There are however a few incredible exceptions of people that have emerged from South Africa and exploded internationally, like J.R.R. Tolkien, Charlize Theron, Neill Blomkamp, Trevor Noah... and I may be fogetting a person or two, but when South Africans do get their shit together and blow up, they don't fuck around. #Oh ja and let's not forget the inventor Elon Mutherfuckin Musk, and the freedom fighter turned saint, Nelson Mandela"

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