The Activewear Brand That Wants To Normalise Wearing Traditional African Clothing Daily

RuvaAfricWear founder Sylvester Ndhlovu on celebrating Africa through his label and finally opening a store after years of building the brand behind closed doors.

Back in high school, Sylvester Ndhlovu used to design his own T-shirts. But it wasn't your regular send-off-to-the-printer kind of designs. "It was just a white tee and a sharpie — I'd draw on it or write on it," the Harare-born entrepreneur shares. "I used to play soccer, and I would sometimes wear the T-shirt under my jersey, so that if I scored, I could just take the soccer jersey off and show off my own T-shirt design."

Today, as a result of the pandemic, Ndhlovu's soccer-playing days are sporadic. However, he's still designing, now on a much greater scale. As the founder of RuvaAfricWear, Ndhlovu has spent the past six years building a proudly African fashion brand that celebrates the continent through items that make everyday activities such as walking, running, swimming and dancing fashionable. On June 19 last month, Ndhlovu opened a store in his adopted home of Minnesota, where he's been residing since moving to the US to study Business and Economics at Concordia College in Moorhead after high school. He currently shares his home with his wife and two daughters.

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