South African School Choir Under Investigation Following Their 'Naked' Performance

The traditional Xhosa performance by a school girl choir caused an uproar in South Africa.

This year, the dance competition held at the Walter Sisulu University's Zamukulungisa Campus played the stage for a controversial performance which revived the rift between traditionalists and those worried about the sexual objectification of young girls.

In the town of Mthatha—the heart of Xhosa culture, the intentions of a school girl choir to honor their culture ended up causing an uproar. The competition's theme was "isiko inkciyo," referring to the Xhosa traditional practice of young girls keeping their virginity until marriage. In their routine, the choir dropped their umbhacos, traditional Xhosa skirts, and continued their singing and choreographed performance in inkciyos, small loin cloths.

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