Batuk’s Audiovisual Release ‘Again She Reigns’ Highlights Iconic African Women

'Again She Reigns', the latest offering from South African electronic music duo Batuk, consists of an EP and an exhibition telling the stories of iconic African women.

It wasn't long after their 2018 album Kasi Royalty that vocalist Manteiga and producer Spoek Mathambo of the electronic music duo Batuk started conceptualising and working on their latest project.

Its title "Again She Reigns" is a nod to the return of Batuk as well as the stories of legendary African women that are being highlighted on this audiovisual project. A celebration of exceptional women that span history, the project also sees the group exploring the right to write (or rewrite) history. "[Spoek] and I were learning so many things about African mathematicians, warriors, heroes that we'd never been taught about in school," explains Manteiga of the initial inspiration behind the project in an interview with OkayAfrica.

Comprising an EP that features eight sonic portraits named after the highlighted women, each song is paired with a physical painting of its subject. The duo started with a long list of women before deciding on which of Spoek's productions would work on the project and then finally deciding which women and their narrative fit which production.

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