The cover of 'Life + Times 2': A monochrome baby photo of The Big Hash with red and white text.

The Big Hash Continues to Tell His Life Story in New EP ‘Life & Times 2’

Stream South African hip-hop artist The Big Hash's latest EP 'Life & Times 2.'

The Big Hash decided to treat his fans to an EP before the release of his upcoming album, which is due for later this year. The South African rapper's latest EP, Life + Times 2 is a sequel to Life + Times of a Teenage Influence which was released in 2018 when the rapper was just 17.

On Life + Times 2, the front man of the collective innanetwav. teams up with his producer 808x for another satisfying collection of songs detailing The Hash's current life and mind state at 20.

While on Life + Times of a Teenage Influence, he was detailing his plans to dominate the game after he "dropped out of school to get rich," on Life + Times 2, he has more accolades to bring up to back his claims as the best doing it.

808x's production stays evolving as he incorporates current trends into his style. For instance, the basslines are less refined and cruder, a style all modern producers are adapting.

The Big Hash's raps are convincing and he manages to give you a snapshot of his life in all of its six songs. Flame appears on one of the EP's strongest cuts "Fake Givenchy" with a show-stealing verse that combines raps and melodies.

The Big Hash's last two singles "Again" and "Amnesia" were mostly sung, which was a deliberate move from the rapper who admitted he would be exploring the intersection of both genres this year.

That's probably what you'll get on the album. For now, save for the hooks, bars are most what you'll get on Life + Times 2.

Stream Life + Times 2 on SoundCloud.