Image courtesy of Point Black Entertainment.

[Interview] ‘Pungwe Sessions Volume II’: an Ear into Zimbabwe's Music Scene

Zimbabwean entrepreneur and music impresario Phil Chard gives us an inside look into the collaborative project 'Pungwe Sessions Volume II.'

Point Black Entertainment's Phil Chard is an entrepreneur and music impresario with the lofty aspirations of placing Zimbabwean music on a global stage while simultaneously developing the country's fledgling industry.

The result of plotting towards these dual goals is the second installment of Pungwe Sessions, a musical endeavour with the pressing ethos of artist empowerment. "A Pungwe is a night vigil where people gather around the fire, staying up all night,'' Phil Chard says. "Within that is a communal sense as it involves sharing music and conversation. It's basically a communal gathering'' he expands.

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