A-Reece Explains Why He Doesn’t Like Doing Interviews
A-Reece. Photo by Sabelo Mkhabela.

A-Reece Explains Why He Doesn’t Like Doing Interviews

"The questions people got for me, if I answer them, then a n*gga gotta get paid," says A-Reece.

If you are familiar with the goings on of South African hip-hop, then you know very well that A-Reece is hard to reach, and hardly ever does interviews.

The website Slikour On Life has been vocal about Reece not answering his phone when they reached out. Almost every hip-hop journalist and publication (including this one) has a story to tell about reaching out to A-Reece for an interview and never getting anywhere near the popular and talented Pretoria MC. The last interview A-Reece did was with The Plug in July when he graced the publication's cover.

Slikour recently put the man on the spot when he bumped into him at the Castle Light Unlocks event about two weeks ago. Slikour shared a rumor with Reece that the reason the rapper's been avoiding an interview with him for his website is because Reece doesn't like being asked mundane and personal questions.

The MC confirmed the rumor, saying:

"I don't want none of that no more, it gotta be curated. It gotta sound like a storyline, it gotta be well planned. It gotta be well thought-out, it gotta have substance. 'Cause, man, these days, I could tell you right now, the questions people got for me, if I answer them, then a nigga gotta get paid. Because if I tell the story that I got right now, a lot of motherfuckers gon' get paid. You gon' get paid if I tell you what's poppin'?"

Asked by Slikour if he's scared to tell "the story," Reece retorted: "I ain't scared to tell the story, I wanna tell it for my own expedition, I wanna tell it when I wanna tell it. And right now, I feel like it ain't the time, 'cause nobody will understand."

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"The story" is, of course, the 411 on what exactly has been happening with the collective Reece is part of, The Wrecking Crew. For the past few months, the rumor was that the crew was disbanding. The latest development was that two of the crew's members Flame and Ecco left. This was confirmed when The Wrecking Crew Twitter account removed the artists' names from the member listings on their bio.

Last week, A-Reece released the song "Carele$," in which he told fans that his dispute with Flame was over a woman. More about that here.

The MC told Slikour that he's only open to discussing music. "We can talk all day about my music, I'm down for that topic," he said.

Watch the full interview below, and stream Reece's latest project Reece Effect underneath.

Slikour Pulls Up On A-Reece At Castle Lite