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Adekunle Gold in 'Antidote' single by Nao featuring Adekunle Gold. Still from official music video

Still image captured from officiall music video for 'Antidote'

Nao Drops New Single 'Antidote' Featuring Adekunle Gold

Nao and Adekunle Gold have dropped their joint collaboration 'Antidote' and the accompanying music video. The song is dedicated to the artists' daughters.

British singer Nao has released her fresh new single "Antidote" featuring Nigerian artist Adekunle Gold. The release of the single is accompanied by mesmerising visuals in which both Nao and Adekunle celebrate their beautiful baby daughters. The infectious single follows Nao's official 2018 album titled Saturn.

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According to DIY Mag, "Antidote" was conceptualised last year as a remedy to the COVID-19 lockdown. Coincidentally, both artists became parents to daughters last year. Nao explained that the loving lyrics are designed to uplift the heaviness that has been felt since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Adekunle Gold, whose daughter was reportedly born a week apart from Nao's, also added his sentiments saying:

"This song is a perfect description of how I feel about my daughter Love usually feels like a concept, sometimes invisible, but with her it's so tangible because she's right there. I'm so obsessed with her that if she wasn't around me, I wouldn't be ok, I guess that's what antidote is, a cure, a loving cure to the things that ail me."

The music video is both soft with deliberately wispy visuals creating a view of the world from a baby's perspective where everything is new and impermanent. Scenes of Nao and Adekunle Gold affectionately cradling babies merge together creating an aesthetically surreal effect. The video is genuinely adorable and sends out relaxing vibrations and overall good energy.

Watch "Antidote" by Nao featuring Adekunle Gold:

Nao - Antidote (Official Video) ft. Adekunle

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