Sudan Celebrates the Anniversary of the Country's Uprising
Photo by Ebrahim Hamid/AFP via Getty Images

Sudan Celebrates the Anniversary of the Country's Uprising

It's been one year since the nationwide protests that led to the ousting of then Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir began.

Today marks the one year anniversary since the nationwide protests began in Sudan. The historic uprising led to the ousting of then President Omar al-Bashir and gave way to the current transitional government which consists of members of the military and civil society.

Channel Africa reports that Sudanese civilians have already begun what will be a week of festivities to mark the occasion.

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Sudan has a come a long following the massive protests which rocked the nation earlier this year and resulted in the loss of many lives. After the deadly Khartoum massacre of June 3rd that subsequently resulted in the global #BlueforSudan movement, the political landscape began to change rapidly thereafter.

The country then appointed a new Prime Minister in Abdalla Hamdok along with a transitional government or Sovereign Council that will rule during the three-year transitional period to complete civilian rule. The BBC reports that it is the transitional government which has organized festivities and rallies in several of the country's districts in honor of those who propelled the uprising and brought about change.

Describing where things stand in Sudan as of now, academic and prominent activist Sulaima Sharif says that, "Removing al-Bashir was a great victory, but how can we safeguard the change is the question." Sharif goes on to add that, "It's too early to judge the government's performance, but it needs to listen more and interact more with the people. It has no real visibility with the people."