Tamba Hali 'Tamba Juice' EP art work detail.

How Tamba Hali Went From Playing in the NFL to Making Afrobeats Music

We talk with the Liberian-born Tamba Hali about his Masterkraft-produced EP and new record label.

Tamba Hali was the best thing to happen to the Kansas City Chiefs, and vice versa. After 12 fulfilling years as the football team's outside linebacker, the 35-year-old NFL veteran has retried his helmet, but not without a bang. Tamba is now ready to put his all his time and focus on his other passion in life: music.

This doesn't come as too much of a surprise, as Tamba has always rapped and produced on the side throughout his tenure in the NFL. Last year, he put out a record called "Chief," which went on to serve as the Kansas City Chiefs' anthem. With the help of star producer MasterKraft, who flew in from Nigeria, the track was completed in just three days.

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Wyclef Jean Puts On For Haiti In The New 'Sak Kap Fet' Video

Watch our exclusive premiere of Wyclef's new video for Haitian Flag Day.

Wyclef Jean is a legend in the game. Not only does he have three Grammy wins beneath his belt, but his work with The Fugees will forever remain a part of hip-hop history. In his latest single, "Sak Kap Fet," the Haitian rapper does not shy away from highlighting his heritage and love for his country.

Now, he returns to premiere the official music video for "Sak Kap Fet," exclusively on OkayAfrica. Throughout his long and accomplished career, Wyclef has made it a point to put his home country at the forefront. Through starting multiple charities and even an attempt to run for President of the Caribbean nation in 2010, his affection for Haiti runs deep.

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Jacob Banks. Photo: Facebook.

You Should Be Listening to Jacob Banks' Powerful Songs

The buzzing singer discusses his Nigerian influences, his new album Village, and how he uses art to express himself.

Jacob Banks is a man who's sound cannot be defined, which actually makes sense with his genre-defying catalog. Whether he's singing, songwriting, or playing the guitar, the Nigerian-born, London-based creative prides himself in creating music to feed the soul.

With records baring elements of R&B;, pop, gospel, and even a sprinkle of EDM to match the incisive production, the 26-year-old effortlessly gains new fans upon each listen.

With his "Chainsmoking" visual clocking in almost 4.4 million views, it was no surprise to see audiences of all walks of life gather at the coveted Mojave Tent at Coachella to see what Banks was made of.

No stranger to the main stage, Banks quickly brought his most recent EP, The Boy Who Cried Freedom, to life. More recently, he was featured on Seinabo Sey's new track "Remember," which was placed on The New York Times' Playlist.

OkayAfrica caught up with Banks to discuss his Nigerian influences, his new album Village, and how he uses art to express himself.

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