Black Motion Release New Single ‘Xxikiwawa’

Black Motion Release New Single ‘Xxikiwawa’

Stream Black Motion's new single 'Xxikiwawa'.

South African house music duo Black Motion have finally released their single "Xxikiwawa". Featuring DJ Fortee, Lady Du, Pholoso and DJ Khosto, the song is the duo's first single since the release of their 2020 album The Healers: Last Chapter.

As usual, Lady Du's kwaito-style raps and chants take centre stage as she rhymes about hustling and trusting in the elders to answer our prayers. She ends her verse with a Brenda Fassie interpolation: "Indaba i-straight ayidingi i-ruler."

In trademark Black Motion fashion, the song is built on big drums and prominent percussion panned to give way for vocals but still managing to dominate.

The influence of amapiano is present in the song, though not so overt—their choice of kick and pads and the recurring trumpet stabs point to the yanos just like the inclusion of Lady Du.

"Xxiki Wawa" is the first single released by the duo in partnership with Universal Music South Africa after working with Sony Music Entertainment Africa on The Healers: The Last Chapter and their previous releases.

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