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Sun-El Musician Releases Accompanying Visuals for 'Ubomi Abumanga'

Still taken from music video on YouTube.

Sun-El Musician Releases Accompanying Visuals for 'Ubomi Abumanga'

Watch the new music video for Sun-El Musician and Msaki's Xhosa number 'Ubomi Abumanga'.

Sun-El Musician has dropped the new music video for his Xhosa number with Msaki, "Ubomi Abumanga" (translates to "life doesn't stop" from Xhosa). The track was released as a single in May of last year and now features on his sophomore album, To the World & Beyond.The music video, which attempts to convey the hopeful message of the song, has already clocked close to 800 thousand views on YouTube and counting.

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"Ubomi Abumanga" is a track that speaks to the hardships and challenges of life but how lizophum'ilanga (the sun will come out) and how those closest to us will be there to remind us (yiza ndiz'khumbuze) of how life continues in spite of these hardships. The music video itself appears to show two close friends who enjoy playing soccer together. It is a ritual to which they both devote themselves until the one experiences challenges which leave her feeling uncertain and naturally disappointed.

While a worthy attempt at conveying the poignant lyrical content of the track, the music video itself does fall short in certain aspects. The scenes wherein several characters are lying on the ground and looking up at the sky do not adequately convey the wistfulness intended. Admittedly, it is almost feels a little underwhelming particularly due to the sparseness of the setting. It's not all misses though with the various scenes showing Sun-El Musician's trek through a wooded area rising to the usual standard of the artist's visual productions.

Watch the music video for "Ubomi Abumanga" below:

Sun-EL Musician Feat. Msaki - Ubomi Abumanga (Official Music Video)