Micr.Pluto's Latest EP Feels Like Tomorrow

South African producer Micr.Pluto's Effervescent Lifeforms explores the sounds which laid the foundation for him, returning to the beat-driven production of his early years.

A consistent and hard-working feature of Johannesburg's left-field electronica scene, Micr.Pluto has been releasing his own take on the genre and beat-music since 2013. With his early music rooted in hip-hop, especially boom bap, Micr.Pluto's sound has evolved over the years toward the dark and futuristic with his most recent releases, continuing to do so as he keeps experimenting and playing with sound.

Having collaborated with a number of artists over the years, Micr.Pluto furthered his investment into the scene when he, alongside fellow artist Tribal Rebel Ludi and writer Edward Kgosidintsi, founded the record label Subterranean Wavelengths in 2016.

The label has released a broad range of electronic music from artist such as Daev Martian, Eye-On Feather, KAJAMA and Umaah. The Subterranean Wavelengths compilation series highlighted the work of fellow South African experimental beat-makers.

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