You Need to Listen to Amaarae's 'The Angel You Don't Know'

The Angel You Don't Know album cover.

You Need to Listen to Amaarae's 'The Angel You Don't Know'

The Ghanaian-American artist shines bright in her debut album.

Amaarae's 14-track debut, The Angel You Don't Know, is an album you can't miss.

The Ghanaian-American artist is a longtime favorite of ours, having been named in OkayAfrica's 100 Women earlier this year and penning op-eds for us.

In The Angel You Don't Know, she presents an alluring and dreamlike trip trough a modern mash-up of R&B, pop, afro-fusion and much more. Throughout the record, Amaarae is joined by features from the likes of KojeyRadical, Cruel Santino, Odunsi (The Engine), KZ, PrincessAdjua, Moliy, and Maesu.

"With this new project, this new chapter in my musical journey, I feel so incredibly alive. I strived to colour outside of the afro-pop parameters and re-define for myself what it means to create African music," Amaarae mentions.

"What I loved most about this album is that I get to take all the influences that have shaped me and translate them into a completely new way to demonstrate my skill set. In many ways people are getting to know a really delicate, multifaceted version of me - my mission is that they meditate on it, enjoy it for what it is and allow some of these records to be the soundtrack to some beautiful memories in their lives."

Get into Amaarae's debut album below and check out the videos for previous singles "Fancy" and "Leave me Alone" below.

Amaarae - FANCY (Official Video)

Amaarae - LEAVE ME ALONE (Official Video)