You Need To See the Trailer For Beyoncé's  'Black Is King'
Beyoncé in "BLACK IS KING, a film by Beyoncé | Official Trailer | Disney+" (Walt Disney Studios/YouTube)

The visual album, coming out on Disney+, teases features by Kelly Rowland, Lupita Nyong'o, Naomi Campbell, plus includes from Ghana's Emmanuel Adjei and Blitz the Ambassador in its creative team.

Singer, songwriter and mother of Blue Ivy, Beyoncé's latest release is a celebration of "the beauty of tradition and Black excellence," a press statement mentions.

The visual album, to be released on July 31, comes close to the one year anniversary of the live action Disney film The Lion King, where it apparently drew a lot of its inspiration from.

The album, which was written, directed and executive-produced by Beyoncé, teases features by Kelly Rowland, Lupita Nyong'o, Naomi Campbell and many more. The visuals are expected to be phenomenal as the creative team includes Dutch-Ghanaian director Emmanuel Adjei and Ghanaian artist Blitz the Ambassador. Having backdrops from South Africa, West Africa, Belgium, London and New York will surely add to the beauty too.

African fans of Beyoncé were initially up in arms as it was revealed that the album would be centered around African culture and artifacts, but not be available to stream on the African continent. This has now been rectified as a distribution deal has allowed a number of African countries, including South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia, Cameroon, Burundi, Senegal, Togo, Congo, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Cape Verde and many more, to have access to the July 31st release.

"The voyages of Black families, throughout time, are honored in a tale about a young king's transcendent journey through betrayal, love and self-identity. His ancestors help guide him towards his destiny, and with his father's teachings and guidance from his childhood love, he earns the virtues needed to reclaim his home and throne," Disney says of Black is King. "These timeless lessons are revealed and reflected through Black voices of today, now sitting in their own power. Black Is King is an affirmation of a grand purpose, with lush visuals that celebrate Black resilience and culture. The film highlights the beauty and tradition and Black excellence."

Check out the trailer here.

BLACK IS KING, a film by Beyoncé | Official Trailer | Disney+