Watch Teni's New Music Video For 'Moslado'

The Nigerian star unleashes a new Missy Elliott-inspired visual.

Teni comes through with the new music video for "Moslado," one of the clear highlight tracks from her album Wondaland.

The Nigerian artist unveals her new alter-ego, Makanaki in this new 90s-style music video directed by Alien, inspired by MIssy Elliott's classic visuals.

"To me, Wondaland is a complete body of work that best introduces Teni the Entertainer and who I am to different people and also to me," Teni explained Native. "To some, I am Oba Orin, the girl that can sing her heart out while to others and myself, I am Makanaki, the no-nonsense, brave, personality which I think I derived from my late father, not forgetting the One take God side of me which is very spontaneous."

For more, make sure to revisit our interview feature Teni Is a Star Reborn on 'Wondaland' and Beyond.

Watch the captivating visuals for "Moslado" below.

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Interview: Teni Is a Star Reborn On 'WONDALAND' and Beyond

Teni unapologetically chooses to be her authentic self amidst a picture perfect world.

All through February and March, Teni's romantic single "For You" featuring Davido dominated Nigerian airwaves, making it known that Teni season had arrived. With no other features on WONDALAND, Teni utilized the 17-track blank canvas as much as she could "It's my first album and I wanted to be a bit selfish, I just wanted everyone to hear me out, I'll never have a first album again, so I just wanted to keep it special."

Since Teni's 2018 breakout, she's released a barrage of hits and amassed a huge following befitting of an A-list artist. Teni has also broken boundaries regarding how a female artist should look and act in order to succeed in the mainstream. After years of fresh experiences as a star, Teni's debut album signals a new dawn for the entertainer.

WONDALAND's vivid imagery, and playful spectrum of sound, is a reference to the merriness of Teni's pre-pandemic visits to Disney World. "I've gone to Disney World in Orlando seven years in a row, I haven't missed it. Last year, I was stuck and I couldn't go, so making my album, I wanted to feel like I was in Disney World again."

Listeners are ushered through a funfair of tracks sprinkled with influences from fuji, highlife and hip-hop, complete with a virtual reality experience and 100 VR sets gifted to fans. WONDALAND begins with "Maja," where Teni sings about a resilient spirit with the determination to overcome obstacles, and ends with "Black," a self acceptance song for black people all over the world.

We spoke with Teni about WONDALAND's creation, the importance of representing her roots, and what legacy means to her.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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