Langa Mavuso Releases New Single ‘Panther’ Featuring Yanga Chief

Langa Mavuso Releases New Single ‘Panther’ Featuring Yanga Chief

Langa Mavuso enlists Yanga Chief in new single 'Panther' from his upcoming album.

Langa Mavuso offers a new delectable sound with the release of "Panther", a must-listen featuring Yanga Chief. "Panther" combines the soulful drippings of Mavuso's voice over a hip-hop beat. The rapper, fresh from collaborating with AKA on "Monuments", adds bold lyrical raps over the trippy beat making this song a good fit for a summer playlist.

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Keeping to R&B, Mavuso sings a song about heartbreak and slowing down living in the fast lane. "I can still feel the heartache, fuck with the champagne" is a line that is sure to become a popular slogan come December. Langa Mavuso and Yanga Chief's energies gel well in this track which has a double entendre; the loss of love and surviving in the ruthless business of music.

"Panther" is a perfect combination of R&B and Hip Hop. It's produced by internationally renowned producer, Noble who recently collaborated with Beyonce on her Grammy Award-winning album The Lion King: The Gift.

Mavuso has been in the music industry for a while, his popularity grew from sharing videos of himself singing on Twitter and his live sessions on national radio and JR's Feel GoodSessions. He released EP Liminal Sketches in 2016 and fame grabbing EP Home.

Recently named Deezer's "NEXT Artist of 2020", the R&B crooner is set to officially release "Panther" on the fourth of September. The debut album will be released on 25 September 2020.

Stream "Panther" on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer.