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13 Times 'The Daily Show With Trevor Noah' Put a Spotlight on Africans

 Lupita Nyong'o blue dress and Trevor Noah with suit
Photo Credit: The Daily Show
Watch Lupita Nyong'o Sit Down for an Interview With Trevor Noah

During his time on the show, Trevor Noah often highlighted some of Africa's issues and gave prominent Africans a platform to discuss their work and career trajectory. Here are some that have been on the show.

Last month, Trevor Noahannounced that he would be parting ways with The Daily Show With Trevor Noah,the show he's hosted for the last seven years.

Noah replaced Jon Stewart in 2015. Although he was largely unknown then, the South African comedian quickly won over the hearts of many viewers with his sharp wit, satirical persona, and overall approach to disseminating news. During his time on the show, Noah also often highlighted some of Africa's issues and gave prominent Africans a platform to discuss their work and career trajectory.

Here are some prominent Africans that have been on the show.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (2018)

In her 2018 appearance on the show,Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talked about her book and denounced the idea that feminism is about women who, "hate men and don't shave." Adichie and Noah also dived into the idea of feminity and suggested that feminism can portray itself in more ways than one because it is a personal journey.

Black Coffee (2019)

Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo, better known by his stage nameBlack Coffee visited the Daily Show and talked about his career trajectory as a DJ and how he worked relentlessly to finally become successful. In a segment of the interview, Noah pointed out that Black Coffee used a different formula for his success, making the world pay attention. Rather than following the status quo or trying to create European dance music, the 46-year-old decided to stick with the sound of Africa, which ultimately paid off. The South African pointed out that the journey hasn't always been busy, but with patience and a love for the art, he has been able to create a unique sound.

Chiwetel Ejiofor (2019)

Chiwetel Ejiofor joined Trevor Noah in 2019 to talk about his directorial debut, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, which is tells the inspirational story inspirational story of Malawian engineer William Kamkwamba. Ejiofor also discussed what inspired him to pursue the story and the importance of filming the story in Malawi.

David Oyelowo (2019)

David Oyelowo discussed the PBS miniseries Les Misérables while on the show with Noah. In a hilarious kick-off to the segment, Oyelowo explained the random yet important use of the word "forsooth" in Shakespeare-style acting. Oyelowo also gave some insight into the technicality of the Les Misérables play and the context behind many of the leading characters.

​Nelson Makamo (2019)

Nelson Makamo, a Johannesburg-based artist, joined Noah to discuss his renowned charcoal and oil paintings. In a funny anecdote, Makamo talked about how Oprah Winfrey took the stairs to get to his art studio — which is located on the fourth floor of a building with no elevator. Makamo's poignant artworks primarily highlight African children in a way that elicits feelings of hope and joy. By highlighting children, Makamo wanted to denounce the notion that African children are hopeless and destitute. In his own words, Makamo said he is using his art to "reintroduce" Africa to the world.

Zozibini Tunzi (2019)

In 2019, South African model Zozibini Tunzi was crowned Miss Universe, triggering a global visceral reaction for many people. While on the show, Tunzi, who was previously crowned Miss South Africa, opened up about the mixed reactions that many people had when she won. She spoke about racism and colorism and how she had to navigate both of those extremes as a Black woman.

Lupita Nyong'o (2019)

In her 2019 conversation with Noah, Lupita Nyong'o discussed what it felt like to be a part of the Star Wars franchise and the inspiration behind her children's book "Sulwe." The book is about a young girl with dark skin who struggles to accept the beauty of her skin. Nyong'o described the book as a "liberal biography" that was personal to her.

Charlize Theron (2021)

While on the show, the two South Africans shared their respect for each other. Charlize Theron also discussed her foundation, the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, a South African foundation that focuses on pressing issues, including HIV/AIDS research. The actress also discussed her love for South Africa, saying, "There's something in the soil there, there's something in the air, there's something in the people that you just can't find anywhere else."

Thuso Mbedu (2021)

When South Africa's Thuso Mbedu was cast in the Amazon limited series The Underground Railroad, it was both nerve-wracking and exciting for her. In her conversation with Noah, she talked about the interview process and what happened when she was filming what we now know as The Woman King.

​Nomzamo Mbatha (2021)

South African actress Nomzamo Mbatha joined the show in 2021 to discuss her "out-of-body experience" while filming Coming to America 2. Mbatha talked about her experience filming with some of America's most world-renowned actors and how exciting the process was for her.

Yvonne Orji (2021)

In a high-energy interview, Yvonne Orji, who is renowned for her role on HBO's Insecure, talked about her career trajectory and faith. Leading up to the interview, Orji has never been one to shy away from the impact of faith on her success, and in the conversation with Noah, the bubbly Nigerian opened up about the role that religion plays in guiding her.

Burna Boy (2022)

In his most recent appearance on The Daily Show, the Grammy Award-winner discussed producing his album Twice as Tallon Zoom and how the entire process came together. He also lightly discussed his business relationship with his mother and gave a few enigmatic responses to Noah when he asked him about his upcoming album — what we all now know as Love, Damini. The African Giant also discussed what it felt like to be the first Nigerian artist to sell out Madison Square Garden with his "One Night in Space" show. The interview was comedic and insightful, with Burna Boy matching Noah's wit and penchant for pithy, humorous banter.

Davido (2022)

Earlier this year, Davido appeared on the show during his "We Rise By Lifting Others" North American tour and talked about the challenges he faced while trying to perform during the COVID-19 era. The "Blow My Mind" singer also talked about his song "Stand Strong" and how he pushed himself to write a different type of song. He also discussed his love for Nigeria and how he was pushing Nigerian culture forward while on tour in the U.S.